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Hi, I am Christel and this is my online journal. It's meant only for me, so if you are reading this, you shouldn't be unless I have given you permission.  Obviously I can't stop you, so read if you must. This is not my *real* diary, it's just to jot down my daily happenings. 


Saturday, August 24, 2002
Sabado, 24 de Agosto de 2002
Yesterday was the end of the second week of school. It's been all right. One thing I really dislike is how my locker is on the complete opposite side of the building from where ALL my classes are. I attempted going to it at one point in between classes, and was late for my next class. I came up with a plan. Dr. Bell, my orchestra teacher, is letting my use his office to keep some of my stuff. It's about the midway point between my classes and my locker, so it works out all right.
My 11th grade classes this year:
1. Anatomy
2. Intermediate Algebra 2
3. Advanced American Literature
4. Chamber Orchetra
5. American History
6. Advanced Spanish 2
My basic routine:
-I leave the house at 7:30. The bus *claims* to come at 7:35, but it really comes at 7:40. It takes 10 minutes to walk to my bus stop, so I get to the bus stop at around 7:40, when the bus comes.
-I get to school between 7:50 and 8:05. Quite unpredictable. My average time of arrival is, I'd say, is 7:53.
-From the time I arrive at school until 8:15, I sit in the cafeteria and do my homework, if I have any.
-At 8:15, I go to my locker and homeroom, which is right near my locker, of course. I put my stuff for my first 2 periods in homeroom, then take the stuff I need for 3rd and 4th period to Dr. Bell's office for easy access.
-I go back to homeroom and wait until 1st period starts.
-I go to first period.
-I go to second period nearby.
-I rush to Dr. Bell's office, which is quite a long distance away. I drop off my stuff for my first 2 periods in there and grab only what I need for 3rd period.
-I go to 3rd period.
-I then go to 4th period, which is orchestra, where Dr. Bell's office is located so my stuff for that class is already there.
-Lunch is during that period.
-I then take half the stuff I left in Dr. Bell's office (as all if it is too much to carry) and I rush to my locker to drop it off and get what I need for 5th and 6th period, the last 2 periods of the day.
-I go to 5th.
-I go to 6th.
-After 6th, I take my time walking to Dr. Bell's office to get all of my stuff. I then slowely walk to my locker and take my time getting what I need like homework. (I do my homework at school in the morning, but I'm not able to get to my locker in the morning before school, so I must take it home.)
-I ride second bus load, so I have plenty of time to sit out in the heat with nothing to do. That is why I try to take as much time as possible inside the school, walking around.
-So then I get on the bus and go home. School ends at 3:20, and I don't get home until about 4:25. It's a miserable trip home, so very miserable. God I cannot wait until it gets cold out.
Well, that is my day. Fun! The only classes I really like are Adv. American Lit. and Chamber Orchestra. Anatomy is interesting, Algebra 2 is horrifying, History is interesting at times, and Spanish 2 is horrifyingly boring. Crossword puzzle Monday, word search Tuesday, another crossword on Wednesday, a worksheet on Thursday, and quite possibly the easiest test in the world on Friday. Just summing it up. Advanced Spanish 2 MY ASS! Yo no me gusto el clase de Espanol! MUY ABURRIDO!
I suppose that is all for now. Bye!
Monday, August 26, 2002
Lunes, 26 de Agosto de 2002
Let's see... we had a test in anatomy. Hehe, I like to pronounce it anaTOMy instead of aNATomy. The test was quite easy... but it did help that I studied this morning. You know, it is absolutely pointless to study days ahead, even just the night before. Studying in the morning of the test does wonders. I calculate that I made an 80 something, at least.
We are going to be doing a group project in English... now that I think about it, Mrs. Willis mensioned a group thing in Algebra 2 too. Anyway, in English we had to choose a story to do our group project on. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to do the story of their choice because almost everyone picked one of 2 stories, and there were 6 in all, I think. I picked one about slaves... there was a picture of how they loaded the ships with slaves, like they were luggage. Interesting stuff.
In orchestra, we finally got our new cellist. He's a freshman. Wow, it took me 2 years to make it up to chamber, and here is a freshman. There is another one too, he's a violinist. Anyway, we got a lot of music today. My favorite being Baltic Dance. It rules.
Julia was absent from history today. Mr. Bagley always says "There's Christel, the artist!" Except he accents the "i" in "artist". Like how the French say it, I guess. My last name is French... hmm, maybe that is why he does it. I only now realized that. Maybe now, who the hell knows.
In Spanish we got our tests from Friday back, I made a 100. Of course, why, Spanish is so simple. I even put the Spanish-speaking countries in the right catagories, as in which are in Central/Latin America and which are in South America. Mexico, of course, is in North America. Spain was excluded. They speak a different dialects from us anyhow, so who needs them? Their vosotroses... psh. Kidding, of course. I don't even remember what vosotros means. I assume it is similar to nosotros. Yo no se :-/
Oh! Something weird... Jeremy Kostka, from 9th grade, says hi to me all the freaking time. Even if I am far away, he'll yell, "Hey Christel!" Hmm.
I don't know, I guess that is it. I better go practice and maybe do some homework. My website is all purpley now, so much better then the dark blue, orange and yellow layout. Now it's purple, white, turquoise, and hot pink. Neat. Okay, bye!
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Martes, 27 de Agosto de 2002

I've been wearing my hair in a pony tail every day this year, but today I changed it. Frankly, I was not extremely satisfied with the results. It was cute, I guess.
Anyway, in Algebra we had the group activity thing. It wasn't bad at all. There were three people in my group, but the two names I know are Tiffany Goggins and Josue Vasquez.
We started our group thing in English today. I don't know if I'm going to like it very much. Tiffany is in my group again.
Orchestra was neat... although my favorite cello is still not back, the one I've been using (I quit with the stupid polka-dot cello, it SUCKS!) has worked quite all right. I can't believe I spent all of 9th grade playing that polka-dot dude. No wonder I sucked. I could not practice my cello at home yesterday because I forgot my music. I was not happy. I have it today, though!
In History we had a test. I had to give Julia some answers, if you know what I'm saying. Of course you do, I just said it. Let's see, the first 5 civilized tribes in America were the Chocktaw, Chickasaw, Charokee, Creek and Seminole tribes. The three kingdoms of Africa are the Congo, Benin, and Songhi kingdoms. I made at least a B on that test. An A most likely.
This afternoon as the bus came up to the school, Tashay's brother tried to get on the bus. The bus driver, Mrs. Wise, blocked him because he never rode that bus before and needed papers or something. Everyone wanted to get on the bus, but CJ was like, "Nope! Unless I can get on, no one else is!" A few people squeezed through and the bus driver let them, and when I got up to the door, Shadrach (sp?) was about to get on before me, but CJ, still at the door, tried to push him out of the way saying "Ladies first!" to let me on. He was not successful. lol but that was funny. Finally, the bus driver just let him on. Later, when he got off at his stop, he said "Byebye!" or something really loud to the bus driver, and laughed an evil laugh as he got off the bus. lol that was funny too.
I'm done now. Bye!
Wednesday, August 29, 2002
Miercoles, 29 de Agosto de 2002
Hey. This morning while walking into the lunch room, there was this boy, 9th grader I assume, wearing a trench coat. His little friend walked past him and said "What the hell?" in such a funny way... and he was like "You're stupid." lol.
Answer me this: How the hell are you supposed to write a 1-page response to, "What causes rumors in school?"? It is simple: PEOPLE. How the hell do you expand that to one page? Well, I could find a way if I was super-extremely dedicated, but I wasn't, so I didn't.
Today was picture day. Yay. I put my hair in 2 braids. Double yay... and the double goes both ways. Since it was the second "yay" I said, it was twice the one "yay", making two, therefore double. And since I had 2 braids, one "yay" would go for one braid, so since there were 2 braids it doubles the "yays". Both of those reasons would actually double the double "yays", making 4 "yays", therefore making quadruple "yays". Okay, enough.
In history, Mohammed likes to go and sit by that boy in the back right corner of the room. The one who makes all the comments during class. Anyway, Mohammed went back there and Mr. Bagley was like, "Mohammed, do you like him?" And some of us were laughing, and the other boy was like "Now don't say that..." Or something. I don't know, that was pretty funny.
Another dumb word search in Spanish. I had 30 minutes to spare.
While waiting for the bus, Kim sat by me and started talking to me... um... all right. That was weird.
Well, homework time. Bye.
Thursday, August 29, 2002
Jueves, 29 de Agosto de 2002
Hey. Geez, I have nothing to say. I just thought through my whole day... nothing unusual. It was a very normal day. The ultimate day. The ultimate, normal, routine day. That's it, I guess. Bye.